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Pen Dragon and the Age of King Arthur

Warning: Contains Real Dragons!

INNOVATIVE BOOK PUBLISHERS OF THE YEAR, 2021 - Corporate Livewire Prestige Awards

Raven's Wand Almanac

Written and Illustrated by Steve Hutton

Stunning artwork - three Augmented Reality Quests

Pen Dragon and the

Age of King Arthur

Do you believe in King Arthur and Magic?

Do you believe in Dragons?

Read the true story of King Arthur and his great Magician, Merlin and learn how a little Dragon entered their lives and changed their destinies.

This fantasy book tells six short stories about King Arthur and Merlin. By reading the stories you will be able to solve six simple puzzles that unlock six 3D animations that will tell another secret story - that of Pen Dragon.


Beware: This book contains real Dragons!!!

Download the Free Pen Dragon AR app

and watch the action in 3D


These Augmented Reality Animations work on Apple and Android devices (Phones and Tablets) after you install the FREE Pen Dragon AR app from your App Store.

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